Management Team



Clayton Bush, CEO & Managing Partner of The K3 Group is a graduate of Texas A&M University.  Clay had a vision to be the “Best in Class” service provider and in 2012 The K3 Group became the exclusive operational support for Ameritech Industries, a leader in the workforce accommodation industry.

Clay took the company’s success into the emergency relief sector and was contracted to respond with catering and accommodations management in Miami during Hurricane Maria where he exceeded expectations and was then catapulted into successfully responding in Puerto Rico for the restoration and construction projects there.  Clay’s team embarked on a massive response project.  They barged camps, recruited and on-boarded staff in rapid order.  The K3 Group team had zero incidents throughout this intense six-month 24/7 construction project billeting, catering, and providing medical services to nearly 600 residents every day.

Clay expanded The K3 Group’s operational support service to include a variety of Oil and Gas and Salt Water injection locations throughout Alaska, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.


Heather Throckmorton-Becker
Vice President & HSE Director

Heather Throckmorton-Becker is the Vice President & HSE Director for The K3 Group and has vast experience in domestic and international work for Global organizations. Heather has traveled, trained and on-boarded over 4,000 employees on three continents.  She brings 15 years of experience creating and directing policies in Upstream Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Construction and Petrochemical sectors ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental safety regulations. 

Heather has a proven track record and ability to analyze operations, pinpoint areas for improvement or redesign and implement comprehensive action plans within the organization to proactively engineer out risk.    

With significant Arctic experience Heather understands the privilege to operate in extreme environments and the priority of creating and implementing safe, compliant and reliable procedures throughout the enterprise. Heather is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Health and Safety as well as a Graduate Degree in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University.


Vice President of Operations

Matt Graham is the Vice President of Operations for The K3 Group and has over 25 years of Remote Camp Management experience.  Matt has the depth of experience in all facets of support services including Head Chef, Supervision and Camp Operations Management and is a respected Leader.

Matt’s broad experience extends to the Oil and Gas industries as well as the construction, mining, and government sectors.  Matt has managed projects ranging in size from as small as 50 beds to as large as 5,000 bed facilities.  Matt has led teams and managed multiple projects on the North Slope of Alaska in remote Arctic regions and throughout the United States in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. He leads and mentors teams up and down the chain to be safety minded for their own personal protection and that of the company and the environment.


Lena Aloysius-Hoblet
Business Development Specialist

Lena Hoblet joined The K3 Group’s Business Development team bringing over 10 years of experience in learning and development, training programs, remote site camp management and services, operational leadership in oil and gas and the fisheries and Alaska Native Corporation work in Alaska. 

Education is the foundation of Lena’s experience. Through her education and a teaching background rooted her participation in projects in Alaska at various levels of operations and management. These projects include Alyeska Pipelines Alaska Native Program with Doyon Universal Services, Energy Efficiencies in Tourism with Doyon, Limited, EcoTourism and Transportation services through Deloycheet, Inc. and Alaska’s Area M’s fisheries with Bering Pacific Seafoods and Trident Seafoods.

Lena has managed office operations on the North Slope, Alyeska Pipeline, and fishing plants, including teaching over 150 students in remote Alaska.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Government degree from Pacific University, and a Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver. 


Lainie Garrison
Operations ManageR

Lainie Garrison is the Operations Manager for The K3 Group and has over 10 years of experience providing Remote Camp Management Services. Lainie has vast experience with all facets of remote camp operations and is able to manage large scale projects in any area of the world. Lainie is a respected leader in The K3 Group and brings exceptional value to every project she oversees. She has worked on large scale operations projects for oil and gas , construction, and mining sectors.

Lainie is able to mentor and train all levels of employees while managing the overall operation of a project. Lainie has provided oversight for projects as large as 5,000 meals a day in multiple camp and state locations. Lainie was instrumental in our response in Puerto Rico, allowing for execution and set up of disaster relief efforts in record time. She is able to pin point areas of cost savings while ensuring that all employees are working in a safe manner.


JOn MeyeR
Executive Chef

Jon Meyer brings over 25 years of experience as a comprehensive culinary professional to The K3 Group as a Lead Head Chef and Project Manager. John is able to facilitate all aspects of the full project life cycle from menu and budget planning to overall contract invoicing. John is an excellent educator and is highly effective at safely leading a team of culinary professionals in providing best in class customer service.

John has worked in the Arctic Region in oil and gas, construction, and mining sectors for the majority of his extensive career. He brings exceptional value and the ability to lead and manage large scale projects in some of the most remote and sensitive places on the planet. John understand the safety and environmental culture that is necessary to lead teams in these areas to operate safely.


stephen elliott
director of Maintenance

Stephen Elliott, Director of Maintenance brings over 25 years of hands on experience in overseeing and directing all aspects of safely managing large scale maintenance projects.  Stephen has extensive experience managing industrial maintenance needs in the Oil and Gas, mining and construction industries.  Stephen directs and manages all levels of projects in electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment. Stephen has established and implemented scheduled, preventative & predictive maintenance procedures to ensure that all aspects of our camp services are maintained, working in partnership with our clients to ensure cost control and communication.       

Stephen has provided extensive maintenance and electrical management support for all levels of maintenance needs. Most recently, Stephen supervised all aspects of managing two, 580 bed accommodation barges ensuring that every facet of cost control and predictive maintenance was implemented while supporting disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico for The K3 Group.  Stephen ensures safety and compliance with all aspects of OSHA and MSHA regulations and holds a current MSHA green card as a certified electrician.